A boat company, founded in the heart of the Ozark mountains. Our hull design follows a long tradition in these hills that is known for running shallow rocky waters and doing better than any other hull out there. With this hull’s deep history and early designs being built from wood, it wasn’t long before fiberglass became king. Well not anymore! Meet the next advancement and toughest hull ready to take on the daily abuse from running these shallow waters.

Introducing…  Double XX Boat Company. Breaking from that tradition, our all-welded aluminum hull is built using 1/8 inch aluminum alloy. Whether you want a basic aluminum fishing boat with traditional options, or are looking to push the limits, Double XX Boat Company is here to help you BUILD YOUR NEXT FAVORITE BOAT. With our unique styling and recognizable look, we are redefining  aluminum boats. Our goal is to provide you with a highly functional, quality built boat that you can push hard on a daily basis or just take the family out for a perfect day on the water.


Jason Copeland/Owner • 870-221-1184doublexxboats@gmail.com

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